FAAC Nordic has been operating in the Nordic region since 1974, when we started with automation for industrial gates. At that time the company was called DAAB Portteknik and during the 70's and 80's we developed DAAB automation for industrial gates, impact and sliding gates and road barriers.

In the Nordic countries, our products have long been known for their quality and function in our climate. The demand for gate, door and barrier operators in Europe and the rest of the world is great and growing, and so is the demand here in the Nordic countries, not least driven by increased safety awareness. We are convinced that our wide range of automations contains something for most people's wishes and applications.

Today, we have about 40 employees in the Nordic Team, which in addition to production staff and salespeople includes product developers, electronics specialists and mechanical engineers.



Automation of:

  • Folding gates
  • Swing gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Folding industrial doors
  • Swing industrial doors
  • Swing doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Road barriers
  • Barriers
    Rotary gates
    Immigration gates
    Speed gates for offices, gyms, arenas etc.
Assembly of electrical cabinet.

We build all equipment cabinets according to customer requirements, which allows us to maintain our position in the market. All the required knowledge is in-house and we get to grips with the customer's problems at an early stage. After delivery, we leave behind a clear but detailed electrical diagram that is unique to each control cabinet we build. Customized products and solutions for demanding applications are a hallmark since old and DAAB's old saying “Special is standard for us”.


When the company was founded, we rented a small part of the premises where we are today. In the early 1990s, we bought the land and the buildings we initially rented. In the late 90's we built our current warehouse and production part and today we have a total of about 4500 sqm of modern production, warehouse and office space. Below you can see our premises of today.

FAAC Satellite image